Awakening 3 by Jeanie Grey is a steamy, unconventional story in a suspenseful series about how far one woman will go to feel safe in a world without guarantees and what one vampire will do to find companionship that lasts an eternity.

Awakening 3

Book #3 in the Lilly Frank Trilogy.
Nearly fifty years after the events of Awakening 2, Lilly decides to stop running away and returns to Italy only to find the threat of a vampire civil war growing. With the help of Beth, Carrie and Jamie, Lilly learns how to face her feelings about her tragic past and to accept that, whether Torren wants her or not, her heart wants him. But when she finds Torren in Rome, not only is he still with Vittoria, he doesn’t seem to remember Lilly at all.
Can Lilly convince Torren to leave Vittoria to be with her and help the Organization find a peaceful solution to the conflict, or will Vittoria and a vampire war come between Torren and Lilly and their happily ever after?
  • Format: e-book
  • Length: 44,700 words (approx. 150 pages)
  • Language(s): English
  • Status: Available for purchase

I read it and loved it!

-Thedarkerhalf, Goodreads reviewer

What a beautiful ending for this series !…. I will keep an eye out for what the author does next. Her writing is spectacular!

-Carrie (Book Fairy) Fort, book blogger & Goodreads reviewer

As gorgeously sexy as the first two books, this one has an unexpected twistthat took me totally by surprise. A super vampire erotic romance – can’t wait to see what Jeanie Grey writes next!

-Mrs Karen M Soutar, writer of paranormal fiction & reviewer

First thing I thought on finishing this book was ‘please let there be more!’ I’m not saying by any stretch that the story arc wasn’t complete in Awakening 3, because it was, in more than one way….Definitely worth reading!

-Laura Greenwood, book blogger & Goodreads reviewer

Jeanie Grey is one of my favorite vampire authors of all time. I love how I can be sucked…into her stories. I don’t emerge from her worlds until I’ve finished the story. I can’t wait for her other projects!

Mari Wells, blogger of things paranormal

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